How to Apply & Easily Get a Job in Canada From Nigeria 2023

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Canada is a very organized country that is constantly in need of foreign hands due to a shortage in the labour market.

Hence, many Nigerians seek to migrate to Canada in search of greener pastures and a better standard of living.

The best part is that there are a lot of employment opportunities in Canada, so you can quickly build a career over there from Nigeria if you know how to go about it.

This article will unveil how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria and other relevant information.

However, before you can work in Canada as a Nigerian, you must get a Canadian work permit.

Canadian Work Permit

A Canadian work permit is a document that allows you to work in Canada legally for a specific period.

Before you can get a work permit, you must have already gotten a job from a Canadian employer.

This employer must have obtained a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that gives them the right to employ international skilled workers for jobs that Canadian citizens or permanent residents cannot take.

With the Canadian work permit, you can travel across Canada, apply for a visa to bring your dependents to the country, earn a good living and apply for permanent residence in future!

Canadian Work Permit Requirements

To obtain a work permit to work in Canada, you need to get the following documents ready:

  1. Proof of job offer
  2. International passport
  3. Passport photographs
  4. Proof that you would move out of Canada upon the expiry of your permit.
  5. Proof of financial ability
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Police clearance certificate
  8. Academic certificates
  9. Proof of work experience
  10. Resume
  11. Application fee receipt

Thousands of Nigerians apply for Canadian work permits every year, so you need to fulfil all the requirements before you can quickly obtain one.

You can go through the Express Entry program to boost your chances of getting a work permit.

Express Entry

Nigerians who wish to work in Canada and apply for permanent residence can go through Express Entry.

Express Entry is an online system operated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process applications of skilled foreign workers in as little as six months.

It uses a point-based system called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to rank candidates in the Express Entry pool based on age, education, work experience, language proficiency and spouse’s qualifications.

Each candidate would also be given a score based on these factors, and candidates who rank higher may be given an invitation to apply (ITA).

If you receive an invitation to apply (ITA), you can apply for permanent residency within sixty (60) days.

The following are the three (3) programs under the Express Entry;

  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. The Canadian Experience Class

Note that you must create an account on the Government of Canada website and complete your profile with the correct information.

Getting a Job in Canada from Nigeria

As earlier noted, before applying for a work permit, you need to get a valid job offer in most cases.

The following tips would help you get a job in Canada from Nigeria:

  1. Create a Good Resume
  2. Visit Canadian Job Websites
  3. Network With People
  4. Take Online Courses
  5. Create a Good Cover Letter

Create a Good Resume

well-crafted resume gives your employers a good impression of you before they even see you.

Since you are applying for Canadian jobs, you should craft your resume in a Canadian style to please your recruiters.

A Canadian summary is usually prepared chronologically with your most recent work experience, followed by your previous work experience.

To create a Canadian-style resume, you should:

  • Make your resume one or two pages.
  • Use a font style that can be easily read.
  • Include your contact information such as full name, email address, LinkedIn profile and phone number.
  • Write a concise and good personal statement.
  • List your work experience in a chronological order
  • Include your educational background
  • Include your hobbies, certification, volunteer work etc.

Visit Canadian Job Websites

It would interest you to know that hundreds of Nigerians have successfully gotten jobs in Canada by searching job websites from the comfort of their homes.

Job websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor etc., compile job vacancies from different companies.

Depending on your needs, these jobs can either be remote, on-site or hybrid.

All you need to do is search for the job you want, input Canada as the location, and you will see hundreds of jobs with their descriptions, salary range, employer details etc.

Network With People

No one is an island, and you need people to help you to achieve your goals.

You might not find your dream job by checking job websites, but you may do so by building relationships with people.

Most people prefer to hire people they know or people that someone recommended to them.

Therefore, attend conferences, seminars, and career events and network with people of like minds.

Even if you are an introvert, you can network virtually by building your online presence and connecting with people on social platforms such as LinkedIn.

Take Online Courses

Even if you have few credentials, getting a job in Canada from Nigeria is still possible.

You can take courses related to the field you wish to work in.

There are a lot of platforms online that offer courses in different areas at little or no cost.

Some of these platforms include Coursera, Udemy, ALX, LinkedIn Learning, edX, Alison etc.

The good thing about these platforms is that they give you a certificate after you have completed a course.

This certification can be added to your resume and increase your chances of getting a job in Canada.

Create a Good Cover Letter

A cover letter introduces you to your prospective employer better than your resume.

Hence, you need to draft this letter properly to impress your employer.

You should familiarise yourself, state the job you are applying for and tell your employer why you think you are the perfect fit.

However, don’t make the mistake of talking only about yourself; talk more about the company.

Before you even start writing your letter, you should research the company, their values, objectives and every relevant information.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Nigerians.

In Demand Jobs NOC Code Average Salary (CAD)
HR Manager 0112 $89,003
Web Developer 2175 $69,305
Veterinarians 3114 $95,804
Electrical Engineer 2133 $91,832
Welder 7327 $73,504
Financial Advisor 0111, 1114 $62,971
Pharmacist 3131 $89,314
General Labourer 7611 $47,678
Administrative Assistants 1241 $45,927
Project Manager 0211, 0213, 0711, 1221 $91,425
Receptionist 1414 $31,304
Driver 7511, 7521, 7452 $44,836
Registered Nurse 3012 $77,603
Accountant 0111, 1111 $59,100
Software Engineer 2173 $100,562

Canadian Job Websites

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