With a focus on providing you with features and news stories from Nigeria and Africa, Netarana is an online community of journalists and social activists. a distinctive group established in accordance with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made up of regular individuals who have made it their top priority to seek out the truth and publish it without fear or favor.

For anyone seeking to legitimately express their right to free speech, NetArana.com also serves as a centralized source for objective reporting of verifiable and factual news as well as unadulterated social commentary.

NetArana.com nurtures the vision to emerge as Nigeria’s biggest and most authoritative online newspaper.

NetArana.com was established on February, 2022 “to deliver knowledge-driven journalism in the pursuit of Nigeria’s progress”. It aims to be the most respected and most authoritative online newspaper.

Independence: We are free of partisan and sectional interests

Impartiality: We shall be fair-minded and even-handed to all sides

Integrity: We shall be honest and upright in our practice of journalism

Defence of the Public Interest: We believe nobody is bigger than Nigeria

Respect for Diversity: We shall respect ethnic, religious and political diversity