How To Add Your Website to Opera News Platform

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A lot of Nigerian Bloggers are struggling with getting traffic on their blogs or websites. Nowadays that getting genuine website traffic has become like climbing mount Everest, you need opera news feed. Many online users are mindful of visiting websites they will not find value in.

Aside that many sites with great content and value hardly find their way into where users can easily see them like on first 10 Google search page.

Needless to say no matter how beautiful the site is, rich content or loading speed if there are no visitors for some time, the site owner will soon get discouraged and give up.

Opera news feed helps your site to get steady free and genuine human traffic.

So if you haven’t connected your site to Opera News feed then you are missing a great deal.

How to Add Your Website To Opera New Feed

1.Ensure your site is offering value by the information you pass across in your content (articles, Video or whatever content type you deal with).

  1. Make sure your website is updated regularly to make it attractive to be on opera news feed
  2. Send a summarized and straight to the point email to opera support email

Lest I forget, in your email do not forget to state your “domain URL” you want on the opera news feed.

After receiving your email, the Opera news team will visit your website, review the site to be sure it meets their standard.

Then a member of the support team will revert to you within a space of between 48 to 72 hours.

If there are some requirements they want from you, they will demand via their email to you.

So you provide the requirements and send back the email.

Between two to four weeks max if you are approved, they will get back to you with some few steps to follow to enable your site on the media system (opera Newsfeed)

Please note that you may not always receive a response. If your website meets their standard and it is successfully added to their feed, you will begin to see referral links from referral sources like:


and others. Otherwise, you may have to try again following these same steps after publishing good informative contents on your site.

Sample Of Request Email

To (Recipient)
CC (Copy)
Subject (Headline): Opera Newsfeed Request (or any other related phrase)
Body (E-mail Content):

“Good day, dear Opera editor.

“I am mailing you to request that you add my blog feed to your platform. Given the knowledge I have about how well you appreciate helpful resources, my blog, (insert Site name followed by URL) will be such a great content source.

“At (insert Site name)I publish quality contents on… (give a brief overview of what your site is about: about 30 words)

“Once again, the site URL is (insert your URL).

“I await your favorable and kind response.

Thank you,
(insert your name)”

This is how to add your website to Opera News feed. Please follow the steps carefully.

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