How to block spam calls on Android and iphone (iOS)

What is the best way to block spam calls on Android?

Getting several spam calls from an unknown caller is quite annoying sometimes. Some of these calls are from telemarketers and robots, which keep distracting or disturbing you with unwanted calls and texts.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best ways to block spam calls on Android and iPhone. There are several ways to block spam calls from an unknown caller. This varies based on the phone’s operating system and version, which includes; using a third-party spam blocking app, Manually and through a registration service

How to Block Spam Calls on Android Using Native Android Features

  1. From your home screen, launch the Phone app.
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Call settings.”
  4. Scroll down again and tap on “Blocked numbers.”
  5. Choose the number to be blocked.

In some Android versions, the above steps are a little bit different.
Open the phone app >> tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen to get to settings >> tap on call blocking, then add the number manually or from the contact list.

how to block spam calls on Android
how to block spam calls on Android

Another way is by blocking the number from the call history. Tap on the number you want to block, then select Block Number. A pop-up message will ask you for confirmation. Tap Block to block the number or Cancel to exit the process.

how to block spam calls on Android

How to Block Spam Calls on an iPhone

Robocallers dial thousands of different numbers, many of which have the same phone prefix as your own number. To block them as they arrive on your phone;

  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone and select Recents.
  2. Tap the Info button next to the phone number you want to block.
  3. Select Block this Caller and then Block Contact.

Now the phone number is blacklisted. This cure only works if the caller uses the same number again because spammers have a tendency to switch between numbers.

If you’re running an iOS 13 or higher version on your iPhone, here is the step for you to stop spam calls on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Phone >> Silence Unknown Callers, then turn on the switch to silence unknown callers.

With this feature, calls from unknown numbers that are not saved in your contact list will be automatically silenced.

They’ll be automatically sent to voicemail and later appear on your recent lists, which you can later save or return the call if it’s legit.

How to Block Spam Calls with a Third Party App

Apart from blocking spam calls manually, another method to stop unwanted callers or spam messages is through third-party apps. There are numerous apps on the PlayStore and Appstore which help to perform this operation. These apps include: TrueCaller, Hiya, Call Blocker, Call Control, e.t.c.


TrueCaller is one of the best Caller ID and spam filtering apps. It has been downloaded 700 million times worldwide.
It helps by eliminating telemarketers, fraud, spam, and other annoyances. You can swiftly manage all of your calls and messages.
Truecaller is the app you need to make your communication secure and effective because it has a community-based spam list that is updated by millions of users globally.


Hiya is another spam-blocking app that helps you block unknown callers and detects fraud with integrated caller ID.
It automatically stops spam calls and gives you the real identity of the caller, so that you always have an idea of the person on the other end, whether it’s robocalls, telemarketers, a friend or a scam number.
It will automatically notify you of spam calls via its automatic spam alert features, which will warn you of incoming calls from fraudulent numbers.
The apps listed in this article are recommended based on the number of users and their reviews. You can choose the one that you prefer.

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