Mmesoma Ejikeme Gets Scholarship Sponsorship To The UK

I’m loving this generation of Igbos, ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR YOUR OWN. NIgeria is a tribal entity and self-preservation is the only way to look out for your own. The support has been massive and a group is already preparing to sponsor her abroad.

Bitcoin Chief Gaius Chibueze writes:

I and our company
@VoiceOfTheEast are ready to offer Miss Joy Mmesoma a 100% scholarship to study in the UK, CANADA or the UNITED states of 🇺🇸 America.

Our team will work with her to get admission From any university of her choice in any of the above 3 countries.

We will take 100% charge of her Fees and upkeep until her masters level.

@lota_nna, kindly get in touch with her and her family!

We are calling on @JAMBHQ to desist from such unprofessional behavior.
This is not just an attack on her person but the entire Igbo race!

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