Why you see ‘Please Retry’ on NPC Recruitment Portal when you check application status


The primary reason you are seeing “please retry” is because the NPC management is still reviewing your application. Their portal was affected by bugs, which resulting in many applications still ‘pending’ despite being approved.

Please, do not panic, once the NPC management is through with your application, you will begin to see your application status once more. Thanks for reading this post. Kindly share this post to help other applicants.

In today’s latest NPC E-Recruitment 2023, we will be discussing How To retrieve the Access Code And Application ID and also answer some of the questions you have been asking regarding the NPC 2023 census Adhoc staff recruitment. So keep reading.

For those of you asking questions on How you can retrieve your Access Code and Application ID, we are glad to let you know that the NPC E-Recruitment management team has given an update on that.

1) According to the NPC E-Recruitment management team, applicants should use their NIN to resume their application if it has not been completed and they will receive the Application ID as a confirmation message upon successful submission of the application.

2) How to resume your application if you have forgotten your access code?

ANSWER: Use NIN to resume. One must have either an Application ID or NIN to resume the application.

Additional Answers to questions you have been asking

3) How can I check my application status?

ANSWER: Click on “Check Application Status”. But note that you can only see your application status after the application window has been closed.

4)What to do If you are having NIN verification unavailable.

5) ANSWER: Wait until it is available

6) Is it possible to change if you mistakenly applied as NPC staff instead of ad-hoc staff.

ANSWER: No you can not change it! The mistake cannot be corrected.

7) What to do if you Completed your application but could not submit it.

ANSWER: Refresh your browser.

8) What to do if you can not login with your ID.

ANSWER: Check if your !D is correct and try again.

9) What If you forgot to snap your result before you submitted your application.

ANSWER: Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to attach any document

10) If you uploaded your picture instead of a certificate. What to do?

ANSWER: Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to attach any document.

11) What to do if you are having issues with photo capturing

ANSWER: Allow your browser to use your camera.

12) What to do if you Submitted your application but did not receive any SMS or email confirmation

ANSWER: Network service provider delay.

13) Is there a provision for bank details?

ANSWER: Only approved applicants will be able to enter their bank details.

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14) What is the minimum education qualification to apply?


15) What Is the minimum age to apply?

ANSWER: 18yrs

16) What is the maximum age to apply?

ANSWER: 60yrs

For more information on NPC e-recruitment, you can please contact the NPC hotline, email, and social media platforms below.

Facebook: National Population Commission

Instagram: npc_nigeria

Twitter: natpopcom

Email: info@nationalpopulation.gov.ng

YouTube: NPC Nigeria

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