The Top 4 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android in 2022

top best free audio editing app for android

What is Audio Editing App?

Audio editing apps are software that allows you to edit the sound of a recording.

What is audio editing?

Audio editing is a process that involves manipulating audio material in order to improve the quality of the sound or to create new sounds. It can also be used for creating music and sounds for video games and films. Audio editing is done using audio software, which has a graphical user interface (GUI).

There are various kinds of audio editing tools:

  • Sound Editing Apps: Sound editing apps are software that allows you to edit the sound of a recording. They allow you to cut out unwanted parts, add effects, and change volume levels.
  • Mastering Apps: Mastering apps allow you to do final tweaks on your recordings before releasing them into the world. They can add EQs and compressors, as well as normalize the volume of tracks.
  • Synthesizer Apps: Synthesizer apps allow you to create and edit sounds from scratch. They have various parameters or knobs that you can use to adjust their sound, which makes them great for creating new sounds and music.

Professional audio editing software can be used to edit and modify sounds. It can also be used to record, mix and master sound recordings.

What are the Primary Considerations When Choosing the Best Audio Editing App for Andriod?

The first consideration when choosing an audio editing app is the price of the app. Some audio editing apps are free while others charge a fee for their services.

The second consideration is whether you need a mobile app or not. If you do, then you should consider how much data storage space the app will take up on your device as well as how much battery power it will use up.

The third consideration is whether you need to edit music or not since some apps only allow for video editing while others allow for both video and music.

The fourth consideration is whether you need to edit multiple tracks simultaneously or not since some apps only allow for one track at a time.

The 4 Best Audio Editing App For Android In 2022


voloco auto-tune; android audio editing recording app
image source: Google Playstore

Voloco is a great app for audio recording and editing. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. With Voloco, you can record voice memos, lectures, meetings, interviews, or any other sound you want.

Voloco Auto-Tune is a real-time voice-processing program that combines automatic tuning and pitch adjustment. In other words, it’s an app that allows you to tune your music automatically.

It also has a built-in player that allows you to listen to the recordings without having to open another app like iTunes or Google Play Music. It’s a great way to save up on storage space on your phone. You can also share your recordings with friends or family members through social media apps like Facebook or Whatsapp. These make it one of the best sound recording apps for Android.

Audio Lab

Audio Lab is a voice recorder app that has a lot of features that are not found in other voice recorder apps.

audio lab, audio editing software for android

AudioLab is the most advanced, modern, fast audio editor and ringtone maker on the market, with all the capabilities you could ever want. Audio Trimming (cut/crop/copy/paste / add silence/fade / undo/redo), Audio Mixing (Mix Four Audio, Change Speed & Pitch, have all DJ effect options and Filters), detailed Tag Editing, Audio Merging, Audio Recorder, Audio Converter, Music player, Voice Editor, and many more features… make AudioLab stand out from the crowd.

Audio Lab is a voice recorder app for Android devices. It has many features that are not found in other voice recording apps, such as an audio lab where users can record their sounds and instruments, and then use them to create new audio tracks. It also has a tuner to help you tune your guitar, bass, or other stringed instruments. These features above make Audio Lab one of the best audio editing software for android.

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor for android

The Lexis Audio Editor is a powerful audio editing app for Android. It is a simple, yet effective tool that helps you edit your voice recordings to perfection.

The best thing about this app is its simplicity and ease of use. It provides all the tools you need to make your voice recordings sound great with just a few taps of the screen.

Lexis Audio Editor is an excellent audio editor for Android that lets you edit your voice recordings with ease and precision. The trial version includes all of the features of the paid version, including the ability to store files in wav, m4a, aac, flac, and wma formats. Only the premium edition allows you to save files in mp3 format.

FL Studio

fl studio mobile, audio editing and recording app for android

FL Studio Mobile is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Android smartphones that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. FL Studio Mobile, created by Image-Line, gives you the tools you need to produce high-quality music productions on the go. Users can also benefit from a desktop plug-in, which allows them to continue working when you return home.


  • Instrumental sounds of exceptional quality
  • User interface that is simple to use
  • Multiple export options are available for a large variety of instruments.


  • There is no demo version.
  • There is no sound editing.
  • There are only a few sounds.
  • For a mobile app, it’s pricey.