Mistakes to avoid when charging smartphone

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Smartphone is one of the most use gadget, most people can’t do without it, smartphone help a lot of people to connect with each other, promote  businesses, share information, save documents and a lot more.

sometimes we get sad when it’s runs down, which lead to some of the mistake we do when charging our smartphone which we need to avoid.

When charging your smartphone there are mistake we need to avoid to save the lifespan of our battery.

.You shouldn’t let your battery drain completely

All battery comes with a fixed amount of charge cycle, most phone has a lifespan of 400 – 500 charging cycle, draining your smartphone battery completely can cause damage to the phone which you need to avoid.

You shouldn’t charge your phone overnight

Sleeping time often 6 – 8 hour, and phone need 1- 2 hours to fully charged, over charging the smartphone can put a lot of pressure on it’s battery sooner or later you will experience battery problem, in addition over charging smartphone can quickly heat up the phone which may cause battery explosion.

Don’t charge your phone overnight, you may already heard the warning, make sure you unplug it from charger after it reaches 100%, don’t leave it charge overnight.

Avoid using smartphone while charging

This is one common habit among individual, charging smartphone and making use of it at the same time.

Using the smartphone while on charging can cause a lot of damage to the battery which can cause explosion.

If you want your smartphone to charge quickly put it in airplane mode or turn it off.

Using a smartphone while charging can cause a lot of stress to the battery

If you want to answer urgent call or text someone unplug it then put it to charge when you are through.

Avoid aiming 100% battery Everytime

If constantly leaving your smartphone to keep it fully charged, you are doing more harm than good

A smartphone will function well if the battery level lies between 30% – 20%

Aiming 100% Everytime can reduce the lifespan of the battery

Don’t aim for 100% everyday and enjoy your smartphone

Do Not Use Unofficial, Unsupported, Or Low-Quality Chargers

Whenever we come across news regarding someone’s smartphone battery exploding or catching fire, proceeding investigation mostly reveals the use of an unofficial or low-quality charger or harmful charging conditions.

Hence, you should always try using the phone’s official or certified chargers.

It may not be possible to carry the official charger everywhere, so you can buy an additional certified charger for your car or workplace so that you don’t have to worry about using an unofficial charger at your office or during travel.

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