8 Important types of insurance policy you need to protect yourself today

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Do you know the most important types of insurance policy you need to protect yourself, your family and your properties?

Life cannot be predicted. That’s why we all need insurance. For our home, rental properties, vehicles, health and life itself.

If you want to know the specific type of policy you need and for what reason, read this to the end.

Because In this article, we’ll cover the 8 types of insurance policies you need today.

What are the best types of insurance policy you need

Life insurance policy

Life insurance pays a beneficiary an agreed amount of money when someone dies.

This helps to conduct the funeral or settle debts without running into debts with credit cards or loans.

Losing a beloved member of a family is inevitable. And in recent times, preparations for the burial are expensive.

So insurance helps you to prepare for the worst that can ever happen.

Health insurance policy

Is the contract between you and your health insurer. It helps you to pay less for health care needs like  emergencies, surgery, and regular check-up

The insurance company examines this to ensure you don’t pay more from your pocket.

Auto insurance policy

This insurance policy typically covers a variety of cars. It protects against physical damage or injury resulting from driving.

You need this today because if you’re not insured, you may not be covered for any accidents or incidents.

Driving without car insurance puts you and your vehicle at risk.

Travel Insurance Policy

Is the type of insurance policy that covers trip cancellations, loss of luggage and other forms of mishap that can arise.

It can also cover medical emergencies while travelling abroad.

Home insurance policy

This type of insurance policy protects your home and gives you peace of mind in case of any disaster including a fire outbreak.

Ensuring that your home is safe is the best decision you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

Pet insurance

While you need health insurance, your beloved pet needs pet insurance.

This type of insurance can

a lifesaver if your pet falls sick or gets injured.

There are two types of pet insurance: one covers routine visits and checkups while the other covers genetic diseases

Renters insurance policy

You need this if you rent your property or apartment.

It protects you and your possession from any disaster that may occur.

Liability insurance 

This can be used to protect against intentional and accidental damage as well as financial relief to victims of litigation.

Such as if someone sues you for damaging their car, this type of insurance policy gives you the relief you need.


These are the different types of insurance you need in your lifetime.

Insurance is a necessity. Yes, it can be expensive.

But the good news is that it can help you to begin afresh if life’s misfortunes happen.

It can save you thousands of dollars, your health and properties etc.

And help you in the event of being sued for damage or injury.

While you struggle to become financially free, try and get the insurance type that fits your needs on time.

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