6 reasons why airplane stores fuel on their wings

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Quiet NASA Transpo 1024x768 1

Aeronautical engineers thought what can we do in other to distribute the weight a little equally over the wings and they answered,why don’t we put fuel tank inside the wings for balance.

The fuel tank in the wings act as counter weight, that means instead of having all the weight at the center, it will evenly distributed over the wings

when the airplane takes off and flying along, the wings still flex but not that much and this is really important for having a fuel tank inside of the wings.

Weight and balance: in constructing a aircraft, weight and balance is extremely important

That is because, the wings is given all of the life needed in other for the aircraft to fly.

That’s why aeronautical engineers make sure that the center of the gravity of the airplane is situated more or less gives the airplane stability and makes it more air dynamic as well because it doesn’t need to use elevated poles.

Store room: much pay load, cargo, passengers and baggage stored in a metal tube that forms the body of the airplane, it turns out that the wings are more suitable for it.

The wings are almost completely hollow, form by couple of wind box, at the central of the wings
Which take up much of the load.

The horizontal part of the wings form little walls inside the wings, they make up the shape of the wings and make sure the wings is structurally sound.

This part going at regular intervals inside the wings actually have a secondary effect, it keeps the fuel from sloshing or moving quickly in the airplane

Because this part allow the fuel to move inside the tank but it will slow the fuel movement down a bit ,this turns out , the wings are perfectly suitable for been tank.

The wings are completely water tight, it’s been seal off and the fuel pump up into the space itself, that means they can utilize the big part of the wings as a tank.

Structure and integrity of the airplane: thinking about it, the reason an airplane can fly is because the wings Are taking up a lot of lift during take off.

Because that is when the airplane is heaviest when passengers are on board to complete the flight, that is the maximum weight of the airplane.

All the weight is situated at the center of the wings, and lift is been taken up by the entire wings surface.

So if you have all of the weight at the center , the wings will be flexing a lot, the wings are perfectly constructed to flex but to a certain extent.

The fuel inside the wings also control and balance the weight of the airplane not to over flex.

Passengers safety: it more server to store fuel in the wings for passengers safety, locating fuel tank inside the wings has an advantage by improving passengers safety from eventual faulty tank or leakage.

Passengers are protected from leaks,fire outbreak and other hazards.

Increase in capacity: putting the fuel in the wings save space by putting more passengers, cargo and good ventilation to complete the flight.

To control the position of center of gravity: fuel tank inside the wings, control force of gravity, and center of gravity is important factor that control the flight dynamic.

Fuel are first utilize at the center tanks before the wings tank to avoid fluttering of the wings which may be dangerous.



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